Update Regarding COVID-19

     Out of great concern for PMTC Staff and patrons, and pursuant to Executive Order 2020-07, which placed the State of Oklahoma under a state of emergency, PMTC’s physical office is closed to the public until further notice.PMTC staff is working remotely and can be reached through email and voicemail messages can be left on individual phones. A full staff directory with email address and individual phone numbers can be found here.
      For the safety of our employees and citizens of Oklahoma, and in an effort to prevent the spread of illness, we are following the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control regarding social distancing. PMTC regrets any inconvenience this may cause but we are taking all possible action to ensure a continued high level of public service.  If we can be of assistance, please contact us.
     For up-to-date information about coronavirus in Oklahoma, visit the Oklahoma State Department of Health's Coronavirus Response page.

Proposed Rules and Rule Impact Statements

Proposed Emergency Rules and Rule Impact Statements for Nursing Programs

Notice is being provided to all interested parties pursuant to the Oklahoma Administrative Procedures Act that proposed rules are available for public review and comment. Copies of the proposed administrative rules are available for public inspection and comment through May 15, 2020. A request for a public hearing on these rules must be requested in writing by 9:00 a.m., May 15, 2020. Requests are to be emailed to Diane Mickelson, Diane.Mickelson@PMTC.ok.gov. If you have any questions you may contact Diane Mickelson at 405-768-2245.

To view the nursing programs proposed emergency rules changes click here

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