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Physician / Community Match Program



The State of Oklahoma sponsors this program through the Physician Manpower Training Commission and a rural Oklahoma community (60%-40%) provide matching funds in order to:

  • Provide financial assistance to the primary care physician in setting up a practice in a selected rural community in rural Oklahoma.

  • Provide medical care for citizens of rural Oklahoma.



  1. Applicant desires to practice in an Oklahoma community that is participating in the Match Program.

  2. Applicant graduated from an accredited medical or osteopathic college, successfully completed a postdoctoral program in primary care, and preparing to set up initial practice or currently practicing a primary care specialty as approved by the Physician Manpower Training Commission.

  3. Applicant has not previously received funding through PMTC scholarship programs.

  4. Applicant has no other assistance which has a conflicting service obligation requirement.

  5. Applicant must not be currently practicing in a rural Oklahoma community.

  6. Not currently on a J-1 Visa.


Amount of Loan

$50,000.00 maximum - $30,000 minimum
A lump sum payment provided when the physician begins practice in the matching community.



A minimum of two years of practice in the matching community for each $30,000.00 and a minimum of three years for each $50,000.00 received (60% state funds and 40% community funds). The loan is forgiven after completion of the practice obligation. 


Further Information

Liquidated Damages 
If the physician decides not to fulfill his/her practice obligation to a matching community he/she would owe in lump sum the principal, interest and up to 100% penalty.

Non-Qualifying Communities 
Due to the rural aspect of the scholarship, communities near Oklahoma City and Tulsa may not qualify for residency location.





Janie S. Thompson, M.Ed.
Executive Director  

Robinson Renaissance Building
119 North Robinson Avenue, Suite 520
Oklahoma City, OK 73120

T: (405) 604-0020 
F: (405) 768-2263
[email protected]