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Nursing Student Assistance Program


Overview of Program

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Sponsored by the State of Oklahoma through PMTC the program provides assistance to Oklahoma nursing students pursuing LPN, ADN, BSN, or MSN and higher degrees and who are interested in practicing nursing in Oklahoma communities, with emphasis placed on rural communities for LPN through MSN practicing nurses. Nurse Practitioners (MSN/DNP) must establish a rural practice.

PMTC supports Oklahoma nurse training programs through this scholarship for MSN, DPN, and PhD participants. Obligations for these degrees can be fulfilled as a nurse educator at any Oklahoma nursing program.

Are you eligible to apply?

Applicant must be:

  • U.S. Citizen

  • Legal resident of Oklahoma

  • Unconditionally admitted as a student in an OKLAHOMA accredited program of nursing study.  Certification of acceptance or of being a student in good academic standing must be submitted from Director of Nursing Program ONLY. Please note that online nursing programs must be administered by an educational institution based in Oklahoma in order to qualify for PMTC assistance.

  • Must have an overall GPA of 3.0 on most recent transcript.

  • Applicants must be willing to practice outside of the OKC/Tulsa MSA. Some state facilities in the OKC/Tulsa MSA will be considered as eligible practice locations. 


Amount of Loan



Matching* (Min / Max)

LPN $1,500 per LPN Program
(must be full-time and one year only)
$3,000 per LPN Program
($1,500 sponsor/$1,500 state)
ADN $2,500 per year
($1,250 per semester) up to 2 years
$5,000 per Academic Year
($2,500 sponsor/$2,500 state)
BSN $3,500 per year
($1,750 per semester) up to 3 years
$7,000 per Academic Year
($3,500 sponsor/$3,500 state)


$5,000 per year
($2,500 per semester) up to 4 years 
$10,000 per Academic Year
($5,000 sponsor/$5,000 state)


*These amounts can be matched by a qualified sponsoring facility.


Further Information

Upon completion of school and licensing, the nurse is obligated to practice nursing, at the degree level for which financial assistance was received, one year for each academic year of financial assistance. The minimum obligation is one year. (The practice obligation service must be in direct patient care or as a full time nursing program educator.)

Obligation must be fulfilled in a rural Oklahoma community outside of the OKC and Tulsa metropolitan areas (some exceptions apply for those working as nursing program educators, please contact our office for details). This is defined by PMTC as at least 25 miles away from OKC or Tulsa.

The Matching recipient is obligated to practice nursing at the sponsoring institution.

The Non-Matching recipient can fulfill in the qualified health institution of choice.

Facilities that do not qualify are: 

  • physician’s offices 
  • private duty practice 
  • research or data collecting companies  
  • industrial nursing 
  • school nurse
  • summer camp nursing



Repayment is required immediately if the nurse decides not to fulfill the required work obligation by practicing nursing in the sponsoring community or at a qualifying facility in the State of Oklahoma. The nurse will be required to repay the principal amount, a 5% assessment fee(*) on the unpaid balance, and liquidated damages of up to 100% of the principal. Liquidated damages will be assessed based on the nature of the default.

(*) - 5% fee is calculated on the initial balance and then July 1st of each subsequent year there is an unpaid balance (yearly minimum of $50.00).

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Apply

The nursing scholarship application period is now open! The deadline for applications is July 31, 2021. Applications must be in our office no later than 4pm on July 31 in order for it to be processed. Be sure that all supporting documents are included with your application when it is submitted.


PDF icon Tax Return Waiver Form
(Only submit with application if not a dependent student and not required to file federal taxes.)


  • Application
    Complete this application in its entirety, incomplete applications are not processed. Mail completed application to the address under contact information.
  • Letter
    Letter signed by Nursing School Director, on school letterhead certifying either:     
    • Unconditional acceptance into the nursing program if entering in the fall or spring; OR
    • Letter of good standing if already completed courses in the nursing program, with anticipated graduation date.
  • Grades
    Letter must contain GPA (and ACT score if available). If not included in the letter, provide a current transcript. If there are no college hours or high school diploma, provide a copy of GED score (not certificate).
  • Income Tax Form
    Signed 2020 Federal Income Tax Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ. Dependent students must submit parent’s income tax form in addition to their own. If student is not required to file a Federal Income Tax Return, submit proper certification (form can be obtained from our website).
  • Signature
    Signature required on last page. Matching applications must have sponsor section completed.



Michelle Cecil
Nursing Program Director
[email protected]

Dana Morphew
Nursing Program Assistant
[email protected]

Robinson Renaissance Building
119 North Robinson Avenue, Suite 520 
Oklahoma City, OK 73120

T: (405) 604-0020
F: (405) 768-2263