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FAQ - Nursing Scholarship Information




What is the deadline to submit the application?

Applications must be postmarked before the deadline; they can be dropped of at our office before 4:00PM, day of the deadline.  Applications are only accepted by mail or hand delivered, faxed or emailed applications will not be processed.

If starting school in the Spring, you must attach your school's Nursing Degree Checklist indicating the courses completed and courses currently enrolled in.

If the schools notification of acceptance is after our deadline, attach a note to your application stating the school’s application deadline and when they will notify.  Also attach a copy of the Nursing Degree Checklist indicating the courses completed and any courses currently enrolled in.



When will I know if I am selected?

All applicants will be notified by mail. The notification letter will be mailed whether the applicant is being selected for the scholarship or declined. 



What if I am seeking a master's degree?

Please note the Masters of Nursing Administration/Leadership does not qualify for the State of Oklahoma Nursing Student Assistance Program.



How long is the required service obligation?

The nurse is obligated to practice nursing* full-time one year for each academic year of financial assistance received. The minimum obligation is one year.

*At the degree level for which financial assistance was received



What is the matching scholarship?

The matching scholarship is an excellent opportunity for the nursing student.  The matching applicant has the potential to receive a larger scholarship amount than a non-matching applicant. Remember, the service obligation will be fulfilled with the sponsoring institution after training and licensing.

The applicant will find and secure a health institution to sponsor them.  Make sure it is somewhere you want and are willing to work once you are out of school.  The service obligation will be with the sponsoring institution. Individuals to speak with are the Nurse Recruiter or Nurse Education Director, Director of Nurses, or the Administrator.  


For other questions and further assistance, please contact Michelle Cecil or Dana Morphew:

Michelle Cecil, Nursing Program Director - [email protected]

Dana Morphew, Nursing Program Assistant - [email protected]