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Oklahoma Medical Loan Repayment Program


Doctor diagnosing patientThe loan repayment is made possible by the State of Oklahoma through the Physician Manpower Training Commission in order to offer the following benefits:

  • Assistance to Oklahoma licensed primary care physicians who agree to establish a practice in a community located in Oklahoma approved by the Commission.
  • Medical care and services to Oklahoma citizens in rural and underserved areas with special emphasis to Medicaid recipients as authorized by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. 


Applicant must:

  1. Be licensed to practice medicine in Oklahoma.
  2. Be a primary care physician.  Primary care incudes family medicine, geriatrics, general internal medicine, general pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology or emergency medicine.

  3. Have legitimate, documented educational loans.
  4. Not have previous assistance from PMTC nor have any service obligation that would conflict with this obligation.
  5. Not be currently practicing in a rural Oklahoma community. 
  6. Not currently on a J-1 Visa.

Amount of Loan Repayment

$160,000.00 Maximum for four years. $25,000 first year, $35,000 second year, $45,000 third year and $55,000 for the final year.
Based on amount of educational loans to be repaid. 

Practice Obligation

Lump sum yearly payments are made at the conclusion of each obligated practice year. Financial assistance may be extended to a maximum of four years.

Further Information

Non-Qualifying Communities 
Due to the rural aspect of the scholarship, communities near Oklahoma City and Tulsa may not qualify for residency location. Please see the list of non-qualifying communities.

Application and Contract

Current Participant Form


Janie S. Thompson
Deputy Executive Director
Email: janie.thompson@pmtc.ok.gov
5500 North Western Avenue, Suite 201
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
T: (405) 843-5667
F: (405) 843-5792