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FAQ - Application Information

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What are the attachments I need to provide with the application?

Send with the completed and signed application:

  1. Letter
    Signed by the Nursing School Director, on school letterhead certifying:
    1. Unconditional acceptance into the nursing program if entering in the fall or spring; or

    2. Good standing if already enrolled in the nursing program, with anticipated graduation date.
  2. Grades
    The school letter should contain GPA (and ACT score if available*).  If this information is not included in the letter, provide a current transcript (and copy of ACT score if available).

    If there are no college hours or high school diploma, provide a copy of GED score, (not a copy of the GED Certificate).

    The ACT score:  It is recommended a copy of the ACT score be submitted with the GPA, regardless of the number of years passed since the test was taken.  However, the application will be accepted without the ACT score.

  3. Income Tax Form
    A copy of the applicant’s signed Federal Income Tax Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ for the immediate past calendar year. If applicant is a dependent student, also submit a copy of parent* income tax form (*copy of the tax return on which you were claimed if not parent).

    If applicant is not a dependent student and not required to file a Federal Income Tax Return, submit proper certification with the Tax Return Waiver form.

If applicant has not filed a Federal Income Tax Return for last year, by this application deadline, submit a copy of the Form 4868 (extension to file return); along with a copy of the previous year's signed Federal Income Tax Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ.  Providing this documentation will allow the scholarship application to be included in the screening process, however a copy of the Federal Income Tax Form for the past year must be provided before the scholarship can be awarded.

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What should be included in transportation?

Provide an estimate of what it will cost you in gas to get to and from school and clinicals for the academic year for which you are applying.

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What type of references do I provide?

Please provide two types of references; relative and non-relative. Provide complete contact information.