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Physician Assistant Program

1. To assist Oklahoma's rural communities.
2. To provide financial assistance to Physician Assistant students enrolled in an accredited Physician Assistant Program.

1. Currently enrolled in an accredited Physician Assistant Program.
2. Has no other conflicting service obligation.
3. Must be a resident of the State of Oklahoma.

Amount of Loans
$1,000.00 per month

1. Agrees to begin practice in a PMTC approved rural community within 90 days after completion of physician assistant training.
2. Agrees to practice in the community for one month for each month the scholarship was received, with no credit being granted for anything less than 12 months.

Liquidated Damages
If the physician assistant decides not to repay his/her obligated scholarship loan by practicing in a qualified community, he/she will be required to repay the principal amount, plus interest and liquidated damages of up to 100% of the principal. Interest accrues at the prime rate plus 1%.

Additional Information
Physician Manpower Training Commission
5500 North Western Avenue, Suite 201
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
(405) 843-5667 * FAX (405) 843-5792

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